Federer vs. Nadal, and then Gwen Stefani at Wimbledon?

Wow! I’m almost out of words after today’s Wimbledon final! Federer was 2-0 down but came back to 2-2 after winning sets three and four in tiebreak. In the fourth set Nadal had 5-2 in the tiebreak and looked to breeze through to become the first player in six years (!) to beat Federer on the grass of Wimbledon. However, both of them being the champions they are; you can never count Nadal out of a point and you certainly can never count Federer out of a championship game. After saving two championship points Federer kept his dreams and the drama alive.

The players then followed each other in the fifth to 6-6 were Federer first struggle to keep his serve but eventually did so to make it 7-6. As you all hopefully know, the fifth and deciding set at Wimbledon can’t end with a tiebreak. Can you imagine playing a set to the infinity after having played over four hours of tennis? Rafa Nadal then kept hitting the ball back with interest ball after ball after ball to make it 7-7. The final point to make it 7-7 was a keeper, Federer saving a smash from Nadal, lobbing the Spaniard to keep it in – Nadal then showed great composure to hit the ball wide left out of reach for Federer.

Nadal then had three unconverted breakpoints in Federer’s serve, but did manage to convert the fourth to make it 8-7 – a great opportunity to serve for the match revealed itself. After struggling, Nadal finally produced his third championship point on which Federer produced an unreal backhand return to Nadal’s serve.

But Nadal got a fourth chance and converted. After nearly five hours of play, Wimbledon finally saw a switch in regime at the grass of Wimbledon. Nadal did not only break Federer’s undefeated record, he’s now the unofficial number one of the world!

But please BBC, why did you film Gwen Stefani in the audience more times than our own Björn Borg during breaks? Could you not find another more uninterested person?

All in all, what an unbelievable final, possibly one of the best ever played at Wimbledon.

There’s only one Roger Federer

7-6, 4-6, 7-6, 2-6, 6-2 against Nadal was the numbers when Federer yesterday took his fifth straight Wimbledon win, thereby going up side-by-side with Björn Borg. Incredible, I only watched the two first sets, but from what I saw it didn’t look like the kind of game that either player would take a set by 6-2. But hey, five in a row – with Borg watching the game, that’s class.