Posts, launched!

Saw a post on TorrentFreak about the newly launched today. It has since then been Digged and and is now flying through the ranks, currently at 818 Diggs. I think it’s right that gets a bit of blogging attention, it’s a fantastic service embedded in a neat Web 2.0 package. With easy navigation and overview, it’s all about putting the user in focus.

Great work!

A quick search on Google brings about roughly 600,000 results, most of it reviews and comments from users of social media/social bookmarking sites and tech blogs. It’ll be interesting to follow.

Most pirated movies of 2008

Wow! Check this list out that was put together by, it shows the Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2008. Torrents have obviously been around for a good while now ‘on the market’, but I think it’s safe to say that in 2008 it became more common knowledge than ever. The Dark Knight tops the list with a good million, and rightly so. I was a bit disappointed when I noticed that it had dropped to #4 on IMDB’s Top 250 movies of all times. The Dark Knight now has the same rating as Pulp Fiction (8.9) – and almost equal the number of votes.

Anyway, back to the piracy. If you add the top 10 up, and bare in mind that this is only from BitTorrent sources (meaning; no ‘old school’ sharing such as DC++, and no ‘new school’ such as Rapidshare) – you get a neat number of 52.49 million downloads.

If you remember my post Avril Lavigne passes 100 million views on YouTube, you know that I like comparing these kind of numbers to country population (even though it’s completely unrealistic, I know). So here we go again:

  • Almost all of Italy downloaded anyone of these movies once.
  • Everyone in Chile, The Netherlands, and Australia downloaded anyone of these movies once.
  • In Sweden, everyone could have (and probably did) downloaded 6 of these movies (and added another outside the list).
  • In Denmark, everyone could have downloaded all 10 of them.

There you have it.