Grand Slam Sunday

It all kicked off at Old Trafford with ManYoo – Liverpool. Build up before the game saw Rafa accusing Sir Alex of trying to get into the referee’s head by making comments that he needed to watch Captain Fantastic’s upcoming raids on Ronaldo. I don’t want to say it all succeeded as anyone could see Mascherano’s sending off coming a mile away, I would have sent him off way earlier, but why wasn’t Fantastic there? or why didn’t Alonso who stood right next to him and saw the bashing try to cut in between? Anyway, I’m sure that Rafa will blame Sir Alex’s tries to get on the good side with the ref, but it was a red – and will always be a red, so no argues there. The main issue was just that United was a better side, a MUCH better side when it was needed the most, this is also why they’re topping the table and Liverpool are struggling to keep fourth place, some 15 points behind. I think it was actually the 7th straight game where Liverpool failed to score at Old Trafford, the last run only being broken by an own goal by O’shea, so who can we blame really? It all ended three nil after two clown-rush outs on corners from Reina, he definately didn’t look very sharp in the air, nor will he ever. But you have to give cudos to the man for saving maybe 3-4 other clear chances that easily would have tallied the scoreline to 5-0 on a horrific day.

Right after the final whistle blew we were off to Stamford Bridge with Andy Gray and Sky Sports “Grand Slam Sunday”, gotta love that name. It has a better tone to it, as Matte said: “Canal+ choose to call it Super Sunday” – lack of creativity from Hegerfors perhaps? Chelsea – Arsenal always looked before as it was going to be the better game out of the two, and indeed it didn’t fail us. Chelsea got the winner, Drogba was completely useless for almost 70 minutes but then bang bang! and suddenly he was every Chelsea fan hero with two goals, game winners as well. It ended 2-1 in the end, Sagna gave Arsenal the lead before the Drogba show started.

I’ve seen a couple of movies this weekend, I just had to see Meet the Spartans, the trailer looked pretty funny but in the end it was more than worthy of its #58 IMDB bottom movies of all times, 2.2 score says it all! Before that I had a Saturday containing of going back a couple of years, first I saw There will be blood which I think swept the floor at the Oscars, Daniel Day Lewis got the Oscar for leading role. Good movie! Unfortunately The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford which I thought was going to be really cool didn’t really live up to the hype, it’s been lifted off the ground by many critics and has a good grade on IMDB, buuuuuuut – no.

Besides that, I spend most of my time either reading up on stuff I need to know for work, or modding a new Hattrick Community I’m building with WordPress. Hopefully it’ll be neeeeat.

1-2-3 Torres and me!

It’s been a couple of decent weeks for Liverpool. “Rookie” Fernando Torres had the chance to become the first Liverpool player since Ian Rush (check out that picture, can you be more legend material?) to score a back-to-back Hattrick, unfortunately that didn’t happen. But today against West Ham (back-to-back-to-back if you will) he did it again, bang bang bang and it was 3-0 Liverpool. To top it up Captain Fantastic scored a scorcher in the top right corner to make it 4-0 in the end, it was a good night!

Besides EPL, the first teams to make the quarters of the Champions League was decided. Surprisingly AC Milan and Real Madrid went out against Arsenal and Roma respectively. This was actually the forth year in a row that Real didn’t even make the quarters …

Oh, and more statistics about Torres is of course that with the three goals against ‘Boro and now Hammers he has broken two club records (and in style too). He is now officially the foreigner that has scored the most league goals in one season for Liverpool as well as being the foreigner that has scored the most goals in total in a season, the “in style” comes from these numbers;

Most league goals/season by a foreign player:

18 – Fernando Torres.
12 – Dirk Kuyt
9 – Titi Camara, Patrik Berger, Milan Baros (2 times), Djibril Cisse
8 – Luis Garcia

Most goals in total/season by a foreign player:

24 – Fernando Torres
19 – Djibril Cisse
14 – Dirk Kuyt
13 – Milan Baros, Luis Garcia

Pure inspiration Torres

We are still holding on! That’s right, “we” as we won today, it should actually always be we now that I think of it. Anyway, 4-1 against Porto and the hopes of qualification are still alive. Torres put the reds ahead twice before Gerrard slotted home a penalty and Crouch made it 4-1.

It’s pretty obvious that under pressure coach Benitez is reaching out to the fans for backing, “Rafa: The win was for the fans” was something that could be read in a Soccernet article after the game.

In Swedish

Silly season

Finally! Torres to Liverpool, after weeks of speculation what Benitez will do, this seems to be one of the answers. Hicks (new owner) and Benitez has said that this week will reveal some serious negotiations and big names, so hopefully Torres will be one of them. Especially now that it seems that Chelsea is in the race for Malouda (of course). In other news it seems that new Juventus coach Ranieri would consider offering Trezeguet as part payment for Crouch, seems like a good deal to me! The idiots at Real Madrid has today approach L.A Galaxy to already try to buy Beckham out of his new deal and get him back to Madrid, again – idiots at work.

Other Liverpool rumours of today include Diego Milito and Diego Forlán. It also seems as if Benfica has issued a ‘hands off’ when it comes to captain Simao, the Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira was quoted “warning Liverpool that star winger Simao Sabrosa won’t be sold on the cheap”. I think it’s pretty safe to say that big names will be allowed to talk to clubs this week … however, we still have to remember that it isn’t called “silly season” for nothing.