Toys “R” Us just spent $5.1M on

It’s a bit unclear at what bid it actually started, but first reports from DirectNavigation indicates that it was somewhere around $2.9M. There was probably a lot of things happening in the background, but this was at least when the real action started.

It’s not really that outrages that Toys “R” Us would be in on such a deal, nor is it surprising that National A-1, owners of domains such as,, and would be in there either. I guess what comes as a surprise to many people is the end tally of $5.1M. Not cheap, I agree. But considering there are 344M results on Google for the word ‘toys’, the right brand, the right shop, and the right time – it shouldn’t really be a problem to get that back quite quick. To digg into it a bit deeper, I used the AdWords Keyword Tool to check out the word ‘toys’. This is what you’ll find (click to enlarge):

Toys AdWords

The right domain would obviously help here. Plus, what this does to the brand probably can’t be measured.

Loved the comment by Erick Schonfeld over at TechCrunch:

Who says real estate is dead?