iOS 5

Unreal. Me want. Now.

Last minutes with Oden

Beautiful documentary.

Burt’s presentation from DEMO

Last week, Burt appeared in front of the crowd at DEMO (“The Launchpad for Emerging Technology”) to pitch/launch their latest invention Rich. Rich is the world’s first campaign analytics tool, built with creative agencies in mind. Rich helps to answer critical questions (or what should be considered critical) such as “was the ad visible?”, “how long was it visible?”, and “did people notice it?”. In other words, Rich goes a few steps beyond CTR (click-through rate) and reach.

About Burt

We make software for the advertising industry. We founded Burt to give people a better understanding how the online media works, and enable more clever, entertaining and persuasive campaigns.

Video from Burt’s blog Be the Meme. Rich logo from

Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset

You have to love and respect Hans Rosling, he’s enthusiasm and world hope in a Swedish doctor-package. This is his latest talk at the US State Department, making and emphasizing his point with Gapminder World, a web-service displaying time series of development statistics for all countries.