The King – Whopper Freakout

Americans going mental when the Whopper is removed from the menu at a local Burger King. Via Timotuz and orginally Therése Jonsson.

Whopper vs. Big Mac? Which one is more important to its overall brand and perception?

Kacie Kinzer’s Tweenbots in New York

I found this through MW on Facebook and it is absolutely adorable. Tisch School of Arts student Kacie Kinzer conducted a ‘social (art) experiment’ with “Tweenbots” to see if habitants of New York would pause in their busy lives to help out a robot.

The smiling 10-inch tall Tweenbots were made out of a cardboard body, and equipped only with a flag stating its intended destination. They can only move in one direction (forward), which made them reliable on the kindness of passing strangers to guide them. This means that the passing people would have to stop, read the flag, and then set the robot free to continue its journey in the right direction to reach their goal.

The mission was to get from the Northeast to the Southwest Corner of Washington Square Park. It took the Tweenbot 42 minutes, the number of people who intervened was 29 (!) Hidden cameras were then set out to capture the random acts of kindness.

What happened is actually quite astonishing in today’s fast paced environment, I would love to see this experiment being carried out in multiple big cities to see how people in different cultures react. What would happen if the Tweenbot was set free on Sergel’s Torg in Stockholm? I’m pretty convinced that the risk of this robot not making it is far greater in Stockholm than New York — something that makes me sad.

I’m especially fond of this encounter:

“One man turned the robot back in the direction from which it had just come, saying out loud to the Tweenbot, “You can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.”


Searching for Bigfoot Inc, årets PR-stunt?

Ibland undrar man. Det här kan vara veckans höjdpunkt, hur sjukt det än låter. Grabbarna hos “Searching for Bigfoot Inc.” (bara namnet är sjukt) uppger sig nu ha både fysiska bevis i form av en kropp och således även DNA-bevis för att Bigfoot faktiskt existerar.

Precis som ett antal dagsblaskor har snappat upp så kommer det att hållas en presskonferens idag på Cabana Hotel i Palo Alto. Palo Alto, samma IT-täta ställe där bl.a. Facebook håller till, så nu undrar man helt enkelt; vilken nyuppstart är det som håller på att dra ihop årets PR-kupp?

Jag tycker att det har börjat dyka upp en hel del konstiga bilder på senaste tiden, de flesta är ju givetvis bara ren och skär bullshit, men det är ändå ganska kul och intressant. En del av mig hoppas ändå att något sånt här skulle kunna vara sant någongång. Bara för att jävlas lite med folk. Läge att låsa dörren efter presskonferensen?

En sista kommentar är ju annars noteringen av direktöversättningen Bigfoot till “Storfot”.

Mobilstrålning är fan inte bra!

Jag tror vi äntligen kan bevisa att mobilstrålning inte är bra för en människa. Det är helt klart läge att se sin mobilanvändning. Strålningen kan poppa popcorn, det känns sådär lagom nyttigt för hjärnan…

Social Media Networking/Marketing

Talk about an explosion, it seems that Social Media Networking is still very much alive and hyped to the roof (the growth rate was estimated at +400% for 2007). But now, the first real battle has to be won. With growing criticism the last few couple of months towards how Social Media affects a brand – it will be interesting to see if some of the giants are forced out of the market because companies will start to re-evaluate their participation in Social Media Marketing, or if simply a lot of the Social Media sites (as in Social Web Applications) will start to focus more on what consumers write instead of businesses or newspapers. Of course, most of them are generated by user content, but a lot of the primary sources, such as a newspaper/magazine post is more often from a more trustworthy source than from someone like me – a wannabe blog journalist.

Of course, there are already a few sites that focus more on the U2U or C2C kind of aspect rather than the B2C side of things. But there still seem to be an overwhelming amount of Social Web Applications out there that doesn’t really provide a service which is needed. But again, who would have thought Facebook was “needed”?

I’ve recently tried out Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and Twitter and I’d have to say that StumbleUpon and Twitter are the only sites that I found somewhat cool and useful. It’s a great way to find new sites and resources that might be of interest to you, as well as get real-time news and updates of course (Twitter). Digg might be half useful, but if you already use an RSS-reader it’s utterly overflow I suppose.

Who’s here to stay and who will have to go?