The upgrade to WP 2.5 is complete

It took me longer than expected, but now the site is finally on another server and also upgraded to WordPress 2.5. If you are trying to update to the latest version of WordPress there are a couple of things you need to be aware of;

First, your XML backup that is available inside the front end of WordPress will take your posts, comments, categories etc. What the FAQs or Wiki doesn’t tell you is however that it won’t assign your posts to the right category (or worse, tags if you are running 2.3+). This is a quite annoying problem that can be solved by exporting the SQL file from a PHP backup tool (e.g. PHPMyAdmin) and then importing them to the new server. Don’t try to do anything after that but pointing your browser to your_admin_directory/upgrade.php, as the database might mess up.

Second, what isn’t said in the FAQ or Wiki either is that PHPMyAdmin (I suppose they get away since it’s a third party tool) can’t export/import Western/Latin characters or special characters, this means that if you have a titel named “One’s shoe” the ‘ will be replaced by the html code for that character, this might cause problem if your servers are not running the same versions of your third party tool – it simply creates a conflict. However, this is most likely to pose a minor threat towards losing data. What I found as I’m writing posts sometimes in Swedish using “åäö” is that this simply doesn’t work. It works in the XML you export, but not the UTF-8 encoding you export from PHPMyAdmin. Basically this ment that I had to import all posts/comments/etc from PHPMyAdmin and then import the XML – coordinate which posts that where doubles, edit the ones with the correct encoding – and assign them to the right category.

Now it’s done. I hope the people that were reading this blog will find the new address. We’ll see.

Oh, and for DMT*.*; a lot of old posts with photos etc. are not working if you for some reason are trying to view them. I have no idea why and won’t try to solve it 🙂