Avril Lavigne passes 100 million views on YouTube

Avril Lavigne’s video for her song “Girlfriend” quite recently passed 100 million views as the first video ever on YouTube. Just astonishing. Evolution of Dance is the number two on the list, being surpassed with about 2 million views. After this, it’s a good 25-30 million views to the next video. I bet the guys over at RCARecords are thinking that their idea of releasing the video on YouTube was a pretty decent idea!

To get an idea of how many 100 million views is, here’s a couple of population comparisons;

  • There are only 11 countries in the world with more than 100 million people
  • 100 million views almost equals the video being viewed by the entire Mexico
  • All of UK and Italy could have watched this video once
  • Every man, woman and child in Spain could have watched this video – twice
  • All of Australia could have watched it – five times
  • In Sweden, the entire population could have watched it almost 11 (!) times to get to 100 million

You gotta love YouTube. The reach is pretty unreal.

YouTube talent – Sungha Jung

I love my job

Today the founders of YouTube were suppose to stop by the Dublin office. Everyone was in the canteen and the double screens were set up, unfortunately they couldn’t make it as some other meeting ran late. What did we do instead? We watched two YouTube videos of course!

Alltime (BY FAR) most viewed on YouTube

By far the most viewed video with over 50 million views (50,452,122), second is around 17 million. It has been commented 38,786 times and favoritized over 200,000 times. Just to give you some reference, it’s more views than people living in South Africa! And, it is of course brilliant …