Apple – Don’t blink

Apple’s Keynote on the 7th of September, 2016 – in 107 seconds.

Wall Doctor, Wall Rx product on Shark Tank S05E13

Entrepreneur Jim Lewis arrived in the Shark Tank wearing a white doctor’s coat, fitting for a man who is a Forensic Pathologist by day and a self-prescribed “Wall-ologist” by night. Lewis brought with him his invention – Wall RX by his company the Wall DoctorWall RX is an innovative solution to the costly and common problem of how to inexpensively and quickly patch a hole in a drywall. After leaving the Shark Tank, Lewis probably realized the one problem he didn’t have seem to have a solution for, which was how to navigate a tank full of hungry Sharks and make the most sensible and profitable deal for his invention.

Keynote av Johan Ronnestam på Webbdagarna 2012

Det handlar om mina barns framtid. Johan Ronnestam levererar igen, det här är en fantastisk keynote som verkligen slår huvudet på spiken och belyser många av de problem som vårt framtida samhälle i Sverige står inför. Tack!

The Pirate Bay – Away from keyboard (TPB-AFK)

It’s been a while since I checked up on how the documentary about the Pirate Bay was doing. Been over a year since the trailer came and now there’s news that editing will begin in November 2011 according to this, impressive. After spending some time reading old entries in “the making of the TPB-AFK-blog”, I can highly recommend you do the same!

In The Fall – Stroke of genius from Steve Cutts

Love it, check for details such as the changing style of the computer on his desk ( Thanks (and my warmest congrats) to Matthew Epstein for the tip (