I love to lead by example. This means I work really hard to accomplish my own, the company’s and my clients goals. There’s nothing more rewarding than succeeding after going that extra mile.



Almost everyone I’ve worked with have singled out versatility as my strongest asset. I’ve worked both as a people’s manager leading organisations with over 100 people, as well as had my own expertise contributed to projects. So what are my areas of expertise? I see myself living between the core business (let’s call it sales), technology and marketing. Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman and previous CEO referred to people with skill sets like this as “smart creatives”.

In it’s core, this means that I can come up with ideas to grow a business, and then execute the plan operationally. Along the way, As Eric referred to, I’ll care greatly about your and my own integrity, and the place I work for. This might sound easy enough but involves a lot of tools and a broad skill set in today’s technology-driven world. From a project and product management perspective I’ve worked with the Atlassian suiteBasecamp, Pivotal tracker, Microsoft TFS (Urban Turtle), Podio, Confluence and Trello (and probably a few more) to deliver websites and intranets based on EPiServer, DrupalWordPress and Microsoft SharePoint. Combining these with leadership abilities, I’ve also implemented some of these tools and agile processes in organisations. The same goes without saying in the marketing world; focused on the digital side of businesses I’ve become fluent in most Google tools, from Apps to AdWords, AdSense, and Google Analytics, various email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, aWeber and Apsis, a bunch of ad networks such as Facebook ads and AdMob etc. As a firm believer of conversion rate optimisation, I’ve worked with Optimizely, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, and a few others.

And the best part?

I am still learning.

Maybe we should meet? A part from being a really nice guy, I’m great at what I do. Don’t take my word for it though, see what others have to say about me.


Product Management
Building High Performing Teams
Project Management
Leadership & Clients Management
Digital Marketing & Online Advertising
Various CMS (WP/EPiServer etc)
Web Analytics
Intranets, Process Management etc

Read more about my assets and what I’ve done in the past. Download my curriculum vitae and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Martin Harbech

From both a social and professional perspective Oscar is an outstanding colleague. I’ve worked closely with him over the past 1½ year and he has consistently impressed me with his in-depth product knowledge and understanding of the online industry. He’s one of the few people I turn to when I need a second opinion on something [..] Read more.

Martin HarbechGroup Director at Facebook
Arvid Bayev

Oscar was my boss, my mentor, my leader and my inspiration. During our time together he helped me learn and trust the process. Under his guidance I developed some of the most important soft skills, like Leadership and a strong Work Ethic. He is astute enough to see the big picture, smart enough to figure out the next move, confident enough to delegate it and bold enough to make sure it gets done [..] Read more.

Arvid BayevHead of Design at Catena Media
Johan Carrick

Oscar is one of the key factors for us (at GodEl) in choosing Avantime as our partner. He’s is extremely result driven leader. He has the ability to work with details and at the same time see the whole picture. As a person he has a tremendous amount of heart and a lot of engagement. He sees possibilities where others see problems and he makes decisions based on knowledge which is recurring as a client [..] Read more.

Johan CarrickSales Director at ‎Werlabs
Erik Bergman

Oscar is a star! He is one of the best people I’ve ever had the honor of working with. He came in to Catena Media at a stage of chaos but managed to build a great team of people and create structure within six months. He is a hard working machine that still manages to smile through the toughest of times and just get the shit done when it has to  [..] Read more.

Erik BergmanFounder of Great.com & Co-Founder of Catena Media
Vilhelm Josander

As a consultant I had the pleasure of working with Oscar on several occasions during his time as CEO of Avantime. Oscar has the ability to drive a company forward and get everybody involved, from clients to partners to colleagues. Solid skills within management and leadership in combination with technical understanding and creativity  [..] Read more.

Vilhelm JosanderPartner & CTO at IVEO AB
Charlotta Ulvenlöv

Oscar was my strategic partner in terms of online marketing, SEO and online trends during the election campaign in 2010. Without his expertise and ability to always quickly resolve both technical and communication problems we had not done so well on the web as we did [..] Read more.

Charlotta UlvenlövGruppchef at Kommunal
Ori Zilbershtein

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Oscar is a true leader, a people person and an outstanding manager. In our time working together I developed and learned exponentially, he never held back on knowledge and always invested in people around him. Truly an inspiring figure to work with, brings confidence, transparency and efficiency like no other [..] Read more.

Ori ZilbershteinDirector of Product at Catena Media
Maria Ardstål

Oscar is an strategic and result driven leader with a lot of engagement. He can see possibilities in everything and he makes decisions based on knowledge. Oscar is a true coworker and a joy to work with. You can always learn something new from him while he keeps challenging you to do better and see bigger.

Maria ArdstålChief Digital Officer at Praktikertjänst
Johan Ulvenlöv

Oscar is great to work with, creative and yet focused. Delivers results.

Johan UlvenlövValledare at LO

I’ve worked with so many great people and clients over the years. Some of whom have given me some more feedback.